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Square Safety Release Valve Tool


Product Information

This tool is required to remove the square screw on the SRV (Safety Release Valve) of stoves such as some later versions of Svea 123R & 8r.   We offer two versions, one in Stainless Steel & a deluxe version in Hardened Steel for the dedicated stove fettler who has to have the best tool.  Please select the version you require from the drop down box.


Please Note
This tool is for removing the screw from the safety release valves found on the filler caps of stoves such as the 123R, 8R & some others.

Please be aware that these screws are often fixed with thread-lock & this will need to be neutralised prior to removal of the screw. Failure to do so can result in damage to the screw &/or tool.

Two common methods are the use of heat or by dissolving in acetone or denatured alcohol.

A 48 hour soak in acetone or denatured alcohol should dissolve the thread-lock. Which agent is used for the soak depends on which thread-lock has been used. If acetone doesn't work try the alcohol & visa versa. Alternatively, use the heat method. A blow-torch is recommended to heat the screw to around 250°C to degrade the thread-lock.


Ensure both seals are replaced after using these methods.

To set the release pressure the screw is usually screwed halfway in. If it hasn’t been unscrewed before it is recommended to count the turns required to remove the screw & use the same number when replacing. If it looks to have been tampered with you can simply find the half-way point by removing the screw & then screw it all the way down, counting the turns. Then back it off by half that number.

DISCLAIMER: These tools are sold for DIY stove maintenance on the basis that you fully understand the workings of your stove, fully appreciate it's history of use or abuse & have the required skills to repair, test & use it safely. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser that their level of competence is appropriate for the task they want to complete. You hereby acknowledge and agree that using, testing and repairing a stove can be dangerous and can involve risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage. Further, you consciously and voluntarily assume all such risks, dangers and hazards inherent in these procedures and assume the same risks for any 3rd parties affected.


Product Code: SRVT02


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